Perfect wild Facination

Somewhere inside of me, is somewhere no one can see. somewhere hidden from the world, afraid to show it's true color and everyday I wear a mask to hide all my fears and everyday this happy mask shed all my fears, and everyday i sit by the window, thinking why do i have to hide and wear this happy mask to cover the real my inside.

B2UTY~ Shawol~ VIP~ etc, etc.
I'll be posting b2st and ulzzang park hyunseok, park taejun and lee chihoon, Do Hweji, Jeon Ki wook, The J edits, and re-blogging stuffs about k-pop, anime, J-pop, and quotes and anything that caught my interests.. and if you guys want a follow back; just message me. ;3
please to meet you, myowndarkerthanblackdevotion here. ;3


U-KISS - Mono Scandal